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Rainbow fajatek
  • Rainbow fajatek
  • Rainbow fajatek
  • Rainbow fajatek
  • Rainbow fajatek
  • Rainbow fajatek
  • Rainbow fajatek
  • Rainbow fajatek
  • Rainbow fajatek
  • Rainbow fajatek
Main category >Open ended toys
The toy, having the shape of a rainbow, is a unique, versatile, and decorative product. Apart from the general joy of playing, the toy helps infants obtain new impressions about their environment. Parents can easily illustrate for their child how a rainbow is formed or play with the toy together with younger or elder children. The child will have a great time even if playing with it on their own.
The toy lends itself to a number of playing arrangements:
1. The water drops function like puzzle pieces. Even a child as young as 2 may try to fit them into place. The drops stick out of the cloud, which makes them easy to grasp.
2. The polka dots on the back of the drops make it easy for your child to distinguish the pieces from one another, and he or she may even line them up in numerical sequence. The back of the first drop has one dot, the second two, and so on. The toy helps 2-4 year olds understand amounts, and learn how to count. Apart from that, they may control their counting easily.
3. The point of the toy is for infants to place the arches back on the mast in the appropriate sequence of colours. On top of improving your child’s fine motor movement the toy also helps them understand the difference between colours, and sizes. Children as young as 2 may use it.
4. If your little one lines up the colours of the rainbow properly, they have thereby built up the goalposts of a ball game. The task here is to roll the ball through each goal, which becomes more and more difficult as the distance grows. It is recommended to children aged 3-5 to play it even in groups.
5. For a single-handed balancing game your 2-3 year old child can also use the pieces of felt symbolising sunrays. Those with better dexterity including adults, perhaps even yourself, can try without it.
6. In the two-handed balancing game your son or daughter must use both hands. It significantly improves concentration, thus it poses a genuine challenge, and is an abundant source to experience success.
7. You may build a rainbow-flower around the mast in a creative manner. That exercise, too, requires both hands.
8. The greatest challenge is for 4-99 year-olds to try and build the rainbow flower without using the mast. The point is to use up all pieces.
We recommend this game to all with no restrictions of age as it contains no parts of swallowable size, and the mast will bend under load. If you want to move the toy you may simply lift it without risking that it falls apart as the wooden drops will stay in place.
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