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Bird-tree, European waterfront

Bird-tree, European waterfront
  • Bird-tree, European waterfront
  • Bird-tree, European waterfront
  • Bird-tree, European waterfront

This 3D puzzle – part of the Fauna premium collection – gives you more fun than just fitting the pieces together: it also brings you closer to nature. Each part of the product family includes eight birds characteristic of the given continent along with the tree they shelters them. The information leaflet attached describes the birds in the puzzle, and if you wish to listen to their song, we invite you to visit our website. This jigsaw puzzle helps you familiarise with Europe breeding birds whose common habitat is water. While enjoying our hospitality from spring to autumn they live nearby a lake or a river with quite a few preferring the seashore. As cold weather approaches they fly home to Africa, or South-Asia. Storks, and some singing birds are in serious danger as in some countries along their migration route people shoot masses of them just for the love of it. The white-tailed eagle, and the penduline tit migrate within Europe to seek warmer climates during the winter.
Protect the birds, and have fun!!

The 3D skills booster wooden puzzle is unforgettable fun for the 5-7 age group, while it also helps children concentrate, and instills the concept of environmental awareness.
Test your balancing skills building a tower with the birdies!

Listen to the White-tailed Eagle:

Listen to the Great Crested Grebe:

Listen to the Red-crested Pochard:

Listen to the Little Egret:

Listen to the Bluethroat:

Listen to the Kingfisher:

Listen to the Black Stork:

Listen to the Penduline Tit:

  • Size: 29,5 cm x 22,5 cm

    For whom is recommended? Both for girls and boys.

    How many person can play with it? 1-4 person

    Age restriction: not be given to children under 3 years because of swallowable parts!

    Recommended age? For 5-99 years

    Level of difficulty: easy

    Made from eco friendly trees of sustainable forest.
    The paints contain no harmful substances.
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