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Santa Maria

Santa Maria
  • Santa Maria
  • Santa Maria

Although it only contains 21 pieces, I confidently state that it will give parents at least 15 mins of quiet if they hand this 3D skills booster puzzle to their child in separate pieces.
The shape of the toy is reminiscent of the famous sailing boat, the Santa Maria. Our unique, and durable wooden toy is recommended to over-5 girls and boys alike.

  • Size: 23 cm x 20 cm

    For whom is recommended? Both for girls and boys.

    How many person can play with it? 1-2 person

    Age restriction: not be given to children under 3 years because of swallowable parts!

    Recommended age? For 3-4 years

    Level of difficulty: middle

    Made from eco friendly trees of sustainable forest.
    The paints contain no harmful substances.
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