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Bird-tree, migrating

Bird-tree, migrating
  • Bird-tree, migrating
  • Bird-tree, migrating
  • Bird-tree, migrating

This 3D puzzle – part of Fauna’s premium collection – gives you more fun than just fitting the pieces together: it also brings you closer to nature. Each part of the product family includes eight birds characteristic of the given continent along with the tree that shelters them. The information leaflet attached describes the birds in the puzzle, and if you wish to listen to their song, we invite you to visit our website. This game helps you familiarise with migratory birds that spend their spring season in Europe. As bad weather sets in they immediately return to their homeland, Africa. Interestingly, the golden oriole, one of the most charming singers is such a bully, and so aggressive that it will fight not only its fellows but also other species. However, it would come off badly with the hoopoe, which defends itself by turning around, and spraying a stinky liquid to keep its attacker away. (That is why in some places they call it stinky bird or shitty fowl.) It has a spectacular flight, which is why in many places it is also called butterfly bird. It is the national bird of Israel.
Protect birds, and have fun!

This hand-painted wooden jigsaw puzzle, also a great room decoration, offers high quality entertainment to the 5-7 age group, and helps your child learn the basics of environmental awareness.

Listen to the Hoopoe:

Listen to the Bee-eater:

Listen to the Roller:

Listen to the Golden Oriole:

Listen to the Saker:

Listen to the Red-backed Shrike:

Listen to the Redstart:

Listen to the Swallow:

  • Size: 28x20cm
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