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Bird-tree, North-American

Bird-tree, North-American
  • Bird-tree, North-American
  • Bird-tree, North-American
  • Bird-tree, North-American

This 3D puzzle – part of the Fauna premium collection – gives you more fun than just fitting the pieces together: it also brings you closer to nature. Each part of the product family includes eight birds characteristic of the given continent along with the tree that shelters them. The information leaflet attached describes the birds in the puzzle, and if you wish to listen to their song, we invite you to visit our website. This game helps you learn more about North American birds. Most are indigenous to the northern part of the continent, but some like the painted bunting migrate to Central America when winter sets in. The great horned owl, a nocturnal hunter is also seen in the southern part of the continent. Best known among these birds is the bald eagle represented in the coat of arms of the United States. This bird can build a nest weighing up to one ton.
Protect the birds, and have fun!!

The 3D puzzle, also a great room decoration, helps your little man adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle.
The info card attached gives you the names of the birds in five languages.

Listen to the Pileated Woodpecker:

Listen to the Common Cardinal:

Listen to the Blue Jay:

Listen to the Great Horned Owl:

Listen to the Bald Eagle:

Listen to the Eastern Tanager:

Listen to the Ruby-throated Hummingbird:

Listen to the Painted Bunting:

  • Size: 21x27cm
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