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Bird-tree, European

Madarasfa-europai fajatek
  • Madarasfa-europai fajatek
  • Madarasfa-europai fajatek
  • Madarasfa-europai fajatek

What birds live in Europe all year round?
Learn their names playing with our hand-painted wooden toy, and the attached card.
Have fun together recognising them in the park or on hikes, or watching them around the bird table.
Take the puzzle apart, and put it back together, or use your skills of balance placing the pieces on top of each other.
Our creative product is also a great room decoration, and encourages your child to opt for an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Listen to the Green Woodpecker:


Listen to the European Robin:

Listen to the European Goldfinch:

Listen to the Common Blackbird:

Listen to the European Magpie:

Listen to the Western Marsh Harrier:

Listen to the Common Bullfinch:

Listen to the Blue Tit:

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