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Bird-tree, South-American

Bird-tree, South-American
  • Bird-tree, South-American
  • Bird-tree, South-American
  • Bird-tree, South-American

This 3D puzzle – part of the Fauna premium collection – gives you more fun than just fitting the pieces together: it also brings you closer to nature. Each part of the product family includes eight birds characteristic of the given continent along with the tree that shelters them. The information leaflet attached describes the birds in the puzzle, and if you wish to listen to their song, we invite you to visit our website. This game takes you to South Africa. This is where the world’s biggest parrot, the hyazinth-ara lives. Unfortunately this wonderful, and highly intelligent bird is not much longer to be seen in its original habitat. It is close to extinction as its home territory is constantly being shrunk, and large numbers of them are captured. Similar danger threatens the harpy eagle holding a podium place among endangered species. Although being the second biggest eagle on earth, when on the hunt, it flies confidently in dense forests. The sword-billed hummingbird is another champion. Small as it is it has the biggest beak compared to its body size. Even when taking rest it needs to tilt its head all the way back, and keep its beak steeply upward.
Protect the birds, and have fun!!

Apart from being one of the most elaborate among our 3D wooden puzzles, from age 5 up it also offers great entertainment if used as a balancing toy, taking turns placing the birdies on top of each other.
This toy will boost your children’s creativity, and dexterity, and raise their awareness of the environment.
Identification of the hand-painted birds is helped by a 5-language info card.

Listen to the Crimson Topaz:

Listen to the Sword-billed Hummingbird:

Listen to the White-throated Toucan:

Listen to the Red-headed Barbet:

Listen to the Hyacinth Macaw:

Listen to the Scarlet Macaw:

Listen to the Sun Conture:

Listen to the Harpy Eagle:

  • Size: 21 cm x 27 cm

    For whom is recommended? Both for girls and boys.

    How many person can play with it? 1-4 person

    Age restriction: not be given to children under 3 years because of swallowable parts!

    Recommended age? For 5-99 years

    Level of difficulty: easy

    Made from eco friendly trees of sustainable forest.
    The paints contain no harmful substances.
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