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Bird-tree, African

Bird-tree, African
  • Bird-tree, African
  • Bird-tree, African
  • Bird-tree, African

This 3D puzzle – part of the Fauna premium collection – gives you more fun than just fitting the pieces together: it also brings you closer to nature. Each part of the product family includes eight birds characteristic of the given continent along with the tree that shelters them. The information leaflet attached describes the birds in the puzzle, and if you wish to listen to their song, we invite you to visit our website. This game helps you learn more about birds that live and breed in Africa, and never leave the continent. The habitat of most of them is the endless savanna. One, namely the village weaver lives in huge colonies. There are also birdies that share a nest, and lay their eggs on the ground. It is the ostrich. True, it cannot fly, but it runs twice as fast as the world champion sprinter.
Protect the birds, and have fun!!

This puzzle, also a great decoration piece will be a rich source of entertainment for children above 5, and even for you, parents.
Identification of the hand-painted birds is helped by a 5-language information card.

Listen to the Trumpeter hornbill:

Listen to the Village weaver:

Listen to the Scarlat-chested sunbird:

Listen to the Lilac-breasted roller:

Listen to the Bearded barbet:

Listen to the Blue-breasted kingsher:

Listen to the Northern carmine bee-eater:

Listen to the Ostrich:


  • Size: 28x21cm
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